Getting Started in Memsource

Are you new to Memsource and not quite sure when to begin? You came to the right place. Whether you are a project manager or a translator, these guides will equip you with all the knowledge you need to navigate Memsource like a pro -- in no time at all.

What can you find in the guides?

Guide for Project Managers

- Introduction for Project Manager Users
- Lesson 1: How to Create a Project
- Lesson 2: How to Create and Manage Translation Memories
- Lesson 3: How to Create and Use Term Bases
- Lesson 4: How to Create and Manage Users
- Lesson 5: How to Create Jobs

Guide for Linguists

- Introduction for Linguist Users
- Lesson 1: How to Use the Linguist Portal
- Lesson 2: How to Work With Translation Jobs
- Lesson 3: How to Translate in the Memsource Editors

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